Blog shutting down

It’s been three years since I started Daffodils at Home! My blog hosting has come up for renewal and I have chosen not to renew. Life has gotten crazy busy with seven children and my interests these days lie more with photography than home decor. You can still follow me on my personal blog, Daffodil Days. If there is anything from this site you’d like to save, please do so before June 6th. Thank you all!


Well, my due date has come and gone. That’s not happened to me before and it’s a little bit frustrating to say the least. I had a string of contractions yesterday morning and when they failed to bring on active labor, I was a little down. I pouted about it for a while and then I decided to pull out the power tools!

set up for wood cutting

I had been putting off this project mainly because there were so many details involved in pulling it off. I needed to set up the folding table, pull out the jigsaw, remember how to put the blade in the jigsaw, get a power cord, clamps, safety gear, measure and mark the board, etc., etc.

Oh. I forgot to tell you the project. The dresser I’m using as a changing table in the baby’s room has an inset area on the top that was making it impossible for the changing pad to be stable.

why i needed a board

The changing pad was just sitting on top of the dresser and was sliding around. I knew I needed some stability. Dh went to Home Depot for me and had them cut a slab of wood to fit right in. Unfortunately, when I attached the changing pad to it, it didn’t account for room for the straps. Plus, it was cut too short on the ends. I had the extra wood from the cut so I cut my own. My first cut was just a bit too wide and it wouldn’t fit down in the inset. I cut off another 1/8th of an inch which was perfect to fit in and leave a bit of room for the straps on the sides.

The next issue was that the buckle underneath wasn’t allowing the board to lay flat. I had to think about this problem for a while because I only have a jigsaw. Originally, I thought we would whittle out enough wood for it to fit flush but that sounded like way too much work. Plus, I’ve never whittled. Next, I thought I’d cut out a little square. I went so far as to measure and haul the board back outside before I realized there was no way to cut down into the board with a jigsaw. Finally, I decided to cut from the side. It was a little tricky to get the horizontal line cut, but I managed by cutting some extra vertical lines until I cut out enough to turn the jigsaw.

the notch

Long story short — it worked! The changing pad now fits tightly on the board which fits perfectly in the inset.

pad with the board changing table pad with cover

While all my materials were out, I decided to cut some rectangles for a wall art project I saw on Pinterest a while back. I used the original slab of wood from the dresser that had been cut too short to make four rectangles 11″ x 7 1/4″:

wood ready to cut


There isn’t much more I can do with this project right now as the next step is to stain. Baby needs to come out before I can use oil based stain so this one is on the back burner. Here’s what I’m aiming for:

Woodland creatures art


You can purchase these on Etsy for $49 but I thought it would be fun to make them. I don’t have any reclaimed wood, but I’m fine with using scraps.

One more photo just for fun in case you don’t follow me on facebook. My husband ran out and snapped a few photos of me with the jigsaw because it was just too funny to see a 40 week pregnant woman rockin’ the power tools.

power tools pregnant woman

Have a great day everyone. Hopefully my next post will be on the other side of this pregnancy!

Baby’s Room Progress

I’ve gotten quite a lot done in the baby’s room since I last posted! Still a few more decor things to accomplish, but here is how it looks right now:

baby's m cs hzntal (1 of 3) baby's m cs hzntal (2 of 3) baby's m cs hzntal (3 of 3) baby's m cs vtcal (2 of 4) baby's m cs vtcal (3 of 4) baby's m cs vtcal (4 of 4)

It’s so helpful to post pictures of a room. I can see looking through these that I need some color! I have a beautiful hand knitted afghan of Noah’s ark with lots of bright colors. I think it would be just the thing to bump up the color in the room! I also have plans for a couple of DIY decor things for the walls and I plan to have a gallery wall with some of my maternity photos and newborn photos (after I take them!). All I need now is a baby!! Come on, baby. We’re ready to meet you!!


Getting ready for baby!

I lasted posted on November 14, 2014. Shortly after, I found out I was expecting! At 41 years old! Needless to say, the past six months have been a whirlwind of emotion. I’m not sure how often I will post, but I thought writing about getting ready for baby might motivate me to get a little more done than I would otherwise. The first order of business was to carve out a space for the new addition. We only used our “schoolroom” bonus room as a storage space. Most school happened in the dining room, the living room, or on people’s beds. We decided to move all four boys upstairs to the bonus room which gave us not only a baby’s room but an office as well!

Here’s how the little boys’ room looked last time you saw it:

Little boys' room Little boys' room 2

We got the big boys’ room completely moved upstairs, but so far, only the little boys’ beds are up there. In fact, only ds4’s mattress is upstairs because the master plan is to get two sets of bunk beds for up there.

Since we moved the beds out, the room has been largely untouched by me. The two littles have taken it over as a play room(!). Here is how it looked a few days ago:

Messy room! no wm (1 of 1)

Yikes! Keepin’ it real, folks! This is what happens if mama doesn’t look in a room for a few days! It actually looks a lot better right now as ds10 and I cleaned up the toys and put away the clean laundry that was lying around. Here is my plan of action:

  • Move all kids’ books and two small bookshelves from upstairs to the music room to make room for the little boys’ dressers.
  • Get rid of the old crib. (Ds4 was very hard on it and it isn’t safe for the new baby.)
  • Buy two small dressers (possibly three) for the boys.
  • Move little boys’ clothes upstairs.
  • Move stuffed animal net upstairs.
  • Move white wall shelf and other pictures upstairs.
  • Move ds10’s bookshelf upstairs.
  • Remove anything else from the room that doesn’t belong.

That’s just to get the room cleared! Once that is done, I plan to:

  • Shampoo the carpet
  • Deodorize the carpet with a mixture of baking soda and lavender essential oil (found this idea from The Bold Abode. Can’t wait to try it! I already have my deodorizer mixed and ready to go!)
  • Put together the crib.
  • Arrange furniture. Currently I have a bassinet/changing table and a dresser. The crib should arrive soon. I want to re-do the changing table and the dresser but that will probably have to wait until after baby.
  • Hang white sheers over the window. I want to let in plenty of light because I plan to do a good bit of photography in that room.
  • Hang artwork.
  • Possibly a bookshelf for a few baby toys and books?

That’s what is in my mind right now. I have slightly less than 11 weeks to go! I’ll keep you posted!

All about the accent chairs

I was so excited to be contacted again by One Kings Lane to do a special blog post. This time they asked me to talk about accent chairs. My mind raced with possibilities. I love accent chairs and have many of them. But then I got stuck. Even though I have quite a few, none of them are what I would call “done.” In fact, I didn’t even know what I want to do with most of them.

That’s when I was struck with inspiration. One Kings Lane has an enormous selection of accent chairs of every shape, size and style. Just what I needed to get the creative juices flowing!

The chairs in my home in the worst shape are probably my favorites. These beauties have arms and legs to die for. The upholstery… not so much.

new master arrangement 2 lighter

I thought I might have a hard time finding chairs similar to mine for inspiration, but I had no need to worry. There was page after page after page (14 pages total!) of accent chairs and several were similar to mine!

There were some upholstered in a clean simple style like these Hickory Chair Co. armchairs:

hickory chairs

(stock photo from One Kings Lane)

Then there were some a little fancier like the Daniel Bergere:

daniel bergere

(stock photo from One Kings Lane)

One of the most intriguing, though, was the Melun Leather Bergere. Leather never occurred to me and it is definitely classy and sleek.

melun leather bergere

(stock photo from One Kings Lane)

For my own chairs, I’ll probably go with something similar to the first option with maybe a solid color fabric since it will be one of my first major upholstery projects. I’ve wondered a few times (and I’m pretty sure my husband has wondered, too!) if I was crazy for dragging these poor scraggly looking chairs all the way from New York to Florida. Now that I’ve seen some of the price points on tall back armchairs, I think it was well worth the effort!

One Kings Lane has gone even further to help you choose the right accent chairs by setting up a whole Pinterest board, and highlighting some of their favorites in their own blog post. Browse through all the wonderful options and find out your chair crush!

(*I received no compensation for this post. I agreed to talk about accent chairs because I love them and I love One Kings Lane. All opinions are 100% mine.)

This week’s plan of action

November 10th! How is that possible?? We’ve reached that busy time of year. I’ve been thinking about what I want to accomplish this week in my home versus what I need to accomplish. I always have a million little projects (and lots of big projects, too!) that I’d like to be working on if time and money were not objects. But this week I have a sick little one, we’re starting term 2 of our school year, and our last day of homeschool co-op is on Friday. This week I need to make sure my focus is on my family. I’m also thinking ahead to the coming holidays and ways to make them less stressful. Here are my plans for the week:

For the blog —

  • Post about side chairs for One Kings Lane.
  • Practice photography. I may post some of my pictures even though most are not decor pics. I’ve been practicing portrait photography and getting my settings and lighting right on my camera.
  • Pack away all remnants of Halloween and let the house “breathe” until Christmas decor comes out.

Other things —

  • School. We took last week off for term exams and to prepare for Term 2. We have only 2 weeks until Thanksgiving break! I’m hoping we can get a lot done before then. (especially math!)
  • Home. Things got a little messy around here last week. You’d think if I didn’t have to focus on school, the house would be much cleaner. But the house stays cleaner within the structure of the school day. It all falls apart a little bit when we take a break!
  • Kids. I’ve focused a lot lately on projects for the home. Now that the holidays are near, I’d like to do more messy crafts with the kids. I’m not sure exactly what, but I’d like to spend some time this week making a plan for it.

Those are my plans! How about you? Are you thinking about the upcoming holidays yet?

Last minute Halloween project

I know. It’s a little late to be posting a Halloween project. Maybe you can tuck the idea away for next year? Or vary it slightly for Thanksgiving or Christmas?

I had a few frames sitting around that I picked up at the church yard sale. One of them was perfect for what I had in mind. It is black and slightly distressed at the edges. Using the glass in the frame as a template, I cut out a piece of Halloween themed scrapbook paper.      witch's dust scrapbook paper

I found this big pack of scrapbook paper 70% off at Michaels a few days before Halloween.

The next thing I did was print a silhouette of a crow from No Biggie.

crow print out

I carefully cut it out, placed the original paper on a piece of two sided construction paper…

two color paper

trace the crow

traced around it and cut it out. Regular black construction paper would work, too. I used the two sided because I had it on hand and the black was a truer black than the construction paper I had.

Finally, I taped the crow to the scrapbook paper and put it in the frame.

framed crow

Quick and easy and not too scary. I wish I had made it sooner so I could enjoy it longer.

crow in book shelf

You could make any number of variations for different holidays using themed scrapbook paper and googling any image you want.


This week’s plan of action

I didn’t get much posted last week. It was the last week of our school term plus Halloween, so blogging wasn’t top priority. It may not be much different this week as we’re on break from school and hope to be running around doing lots of fun things. But as I’ve learned, if you fail to plan you plan to fail! So here’s this week’s list:

For the blog —

  • Post about a Halloween art project I did last week. I meant to post this before Halloween, but maybe you can tuck the idea away for next year.
  • Write a post for One Kings Lane about side chairs
  • Start working on a piece of furniture. I’m not sure which piece of furniture yet. The most logical choice is the outside bench because I have all the materials. Also, I’m so anxious for it to match the table. It’s just going to be a lot of work!

Lanai table with bench

  •  I wanted to make a scrappy pumpkin picture last week and never got to it. Maybe with the break from school, I can squeeze that in.
  • Frame and hang the fall family photo I took last week. I picked up a remote for my camera and had so much fun taking family photos at sunrise!

Projects to complete for the home —

  • School planning and material ordering for next term.
  • File paperwork for this term.
  • Visit the Ringling Bros. art museum.
  • Get a family photo for the Christmas card.
  • Practice, practice, practice photography!

I think that’s all that is on my mind at the moment. What about you? Big plans for this week? Are you starting to plan for the holidays yet? I’d love to have all my Christmas preparations complete by the end of this month. Maybe I’ll make a plan…

Fall front porch 2014

It took forever to pull this porch together for fall. Southern Florida doesn’t seem to be the best place to locate hay stacks and pumpkin patches are all but non-existent. We did find a small hydroponic farm where we bought all our small pie pumpkins. The big one we bought at Walmart!

The other challenge is, of course, the double doors. I had a pumpkin wreath from last year that I love, so I did my best to create another one for the other door. Happily, Hobby Lobby still had all the same kinds of materials and everything was 40% off.

Front porch for fall

I’m happy with how it all turned out. The mums were only $2.77 a piece which is nice because I don’t generally have great luck with them. I’m hoping I can keep them alive through Thanksgiving! The rug I went searching for on purpose. I thought I’d find something at IKEA and I did. But I didn’t want to pay $30 right now. I found the small tan rug at Old Time Pottery for $11.97. Old Time Pottery was fun, but I miss the Christmas Tree Shops in Albany!

Fall porch left

Fall porch left 2

Scarecrow close up

I found the cute little scarecrow at a church yard sale years ago for $1.50. I always smile when I pull him out.

The little yellow mum looks a bit — sparse. To be honest, it looked a little sparse when I got it but I hoped the blossoms would all bloom and it would be nice and full. Then one of the kids accidentally stepped on it in the car on the way home and broke off FIVE blooms! Oh well. It still gives the little pop of bright color I wanted. And let’s be honest. In my home, plants don’t have a long lifespan anyway.

Do you decorate your porch for fall? Before I started blogging, I never did anything except throw an old wreath on the front door. I made a wreath about 18 years ago by wrapping a string of fake leaves around a wreath frame and sticking on maybe five little pumpkins with hot glue. I used it for the next 15 years! I’ll admit. That was cheaper than what I do now. But I love coming home to a nicely decorated porch. It’s worth a few bucks to me.

This week’s plan of action

This week is about little projects. I don’t want to spend too much time or money on things this week with Friday being Halloween. Here’s the plan:

  • Post photos of the front porch (yes, I actually finished it!)
  • Make a scrappy pumpkin like the one posted on The Turquoise Home
  • Make some inexpensive fall artwork with acrylic paint and scrapbook paper
  • Re-do a craft for the master bedroom that went awry
  • Take lots of pictures of the kids on Halloween!

Short and sweet but that’s how some weeks go! What’s your plan for this week?