Reveal — Painted Vanity Chair!

I finished the vanity chair in just one week. And I love how it turned out!! I know I’ve given you lots of chair pictures this week, but just as a reminder, here it is right after I found it on the side of the road:

I couldn’t live with it like that and covered the seat with some fabric I had on hand. (I did the quick re-do about a year ago. Sheesh, it took me a long time to decide whether to paint or stain!)

I did two coats of Behr Premium paint in Cracked Wheat over two days. Yesterday afternoon, I went searching for new fabric for the seat that would coordinate with the teal/coral/yellow thing I’ve got going on in the bedroom. I found nothing I liked at Hobby Lobby. I found something that would do at JoAnn but wasn’t super excited about it. Then I noticed they had fabric to use for quilts in a separate section. I looked through it and found one that was just right!! I spread it out on the bed to see how it worked. I am so in love with this fabric. It’s perfect. I bought enough to make a couple of throw pillows for the bed to tie it all together.

To cover the seat, I first removed the old fabric.

As you can see, I was super professional removing the old staples with a flat head screwdriver. 😉 I then laid the old seat on the fabric and cut around it leaving a couple of inches all the way around to fold over. (The old seat desperately needs to be completely re-built, but I’m not brave enough for that yet. Dh got me a jigsaw for my birthday. It’s still sitting new in it’s box. I can do it. Right? Right. Maybe later…)

From Drop Box
I saw a tutorial (I’d link if I could remember where I saw it!) where you fold the corner in first to make the seat look nice and tailored. I liked the look better than what I had done before, so I tried it.

It worked beautifully and in just a few minutes (seriously!) I had a beautiful new seat cover!

Here’s a close-up of the finished corner. Doesn’t it look nice and neat?

I couldn’t wait to put the seat together with the chair. The chair color matches wonderfully with the ivory background of the fabric.

I had been really worried about how the design on the back of the chair would look after I painted it with my limited knowledge of painting. I got even more worried as I was painting because I put a third coat on the front of the design before the second coat was completely dry and had a little bit of dragging. But this morning it all looked smooth and beautiful.

Here’s one more picture of that scrumptious fabric up close:

And a picture of the whole side of the room with the chair:

Of course, most of the time the chair won’t be turned facing out. It will be tucked under the vanity.

Just for fun, here’s the before and after:

This project was fairly inexpensive. The chair was free and I already had the paint. The new paintbrush was $10 and the fabric was $20. I only used about 1/3 of the fabric, though, so about $6.67. I would count the whole $20, but since I plan to make pillows, I’ll put the rest of the cost on the pillows. 😉 Total cost for the vanity chair re-do:

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