Quick little craft for the bathroom

I mentioned on Monday that I wanted to go beachy with the bathroom, and I knew that would involve some turquoise because of the rug. I had a cute little basket that someone gave me years ago on the back of the toilet for extra toilet paper. I don’t have a picture of it in the bathroom but here’s a pic I snapped right before I changed it:

tulip basket before

It was cute and fine on it’s own but it was showing some wear and I was tired of it. Time for a little DIY love! First, it got a very light coat of primer to cover up the tulips.

tulip basket with primer

Only a very light coat because I ran out of primer. Thankfully, a light coat was enough. Then I turned it upside down on a brick and sprayed it with Krylon spray paint in Blue Ocean Breeze.

tulip basket one coat

Looking good…

tulip basket two coats

Then I left it outside and ran out of the house to run an errand. I meant to bring it in before I left but was in a hurry and forgot. I called dh from the road and asked him to run out and get it before it rained. He sent ds14 out who returned and said that it wasn’t out there. What!? I immediately had visions of the neighbor’s dogs feasting on my cute little basket. Dh finally went out himself to see if ds14 was just blind and he found the basket on the patio table. Apparently the mowers had come to cut the grass and had moved it. Whew!

When I got back home, I grabbed a roll of rope from a project that never happened and a bag of shells I found at a thrift store for 99 cents.

bag of shells


I laid out all the shells and decided which ones I wanted to use for the front and sides of the basket.

shells laid out

Next, I glued a row of rope to the top of the basket. I was hoping and praying the glue in my glue gun would hold out because I couldn’t find my extra glue sticks! I think a craft supplies organization project might be in order!

gluing rope

When I glued on the shells, I alternated from one side of the basket to the other to evenly space them.

three shells on

It looked pretty good with the shells glued on but it didn’t seem quite finished.

basket top done

Ds14 suggested a bigger shell in the middle but we didn’t like it when we tried it. Maybe another row of rope along the bottom?

2nd row of rope

Yes. That looks better! Here is the finished basket being put to use:

shell basket

At first dh said it was cheesy, but he later admitted he thought it turned out pretty cool.Dd10 was my photographer for this project.

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