Rustic shelves and master bathroom full reveal!

The school system around here had a half day yesterday for some reason. We decided to join them and I got a little DIY done while the kids played outside.

The rustic shelves were pretty easy to pull off. The wood was totally free as it was wood left over from the kids doing board breaking at Tae Kwon Do! I think they all kept the first board they ever broke, but now the wood just piles up. I’m glad I thought of something to do with part of it!

I knew I wanted the shelves to be no deeper than 3 inches as the space I wanted them for is right by a mirror. I looked at all the home improvement stores, Walmart, Target, Michaels, Hob Lob. No one had shelves that were only 3 inches deep. Plus I wanted them to be only about a foot long. Lucky for me, the extra wood I had was already a foot long. I saw the idea for the rustic shelves from Ana White in John and Sherry Petersik’s book, Young House Love: 243 Ways to Paint, Craft, Update & Show Your Home Some Love. I measured three inches and pulled out my new friend, the jigsaw!

And yes, I let ds15 try it out this time.  He was so funny. He cut one of the boards for me and said, “OK. What’s the big deal?”

After the wood was cut and sanded, I painted them with a white wash and then sanded again and applied one coat of antique glaze. I bought a couple of packs of “L” brackets at Lowes (the only thing I had to buy for this project) and got to work with my power drill. First, I put the bracket where I wanted it and then marked the holes with a pencil.

Then I drilled a small hole in each marked spot, put the bracket back on, and screwed the screws in by hand. (I didn’t use the power drill to screw in the screws because I didn’t really have anything to stabilize the shelves at this point, and it would have been hard to drill in the screws closest to the brackets.)

I did the same thing to put the brackets on the wall: mark the holes, drill, screw in by hand. In no time at all, I had very stable shelves. (photos are a little crazy because the mirror kept reflecting right on the shelves.)

And that, folks, completes the master bathroom. Whoo hoo!! I’m so excited to have a room completely done. Let’s take a tour!

First, the rug that started it all. The beachy theme for the bathroom grew out of this rug I found on clearance at Target:

Above the tub, I have turquoise and white towels, a small round mirror, the boat craftand a Monet print I’ve had since high school:

master bath tub side

master bath towel side

I love the little shell set up by the faucet:

master bath shells

And here is the other side of the room:

master bath sink side

master bath medicine cabinet mirror

To the left is the medicine cabinet and toilet with the framed seashell photos

master bath toilet side

And the little stool I distressed…

master bath anchor stool

My seagull with the turquoise wing and a candle holder from Michaels grace the top of the medicine cabinet:

master bath seagull

To the right is the sink with the new rustic shelving!

master bath sink side close up

Again, the shelves were hard to photograph due to the mirror, but here they are decked out with a few fun and functional things:

master bath shelves

A ship in the bottle lives on the top shelf,

master bath ship in a bottle

and little buckets (from the dollar bin at Target) and a rope ball live on the bottom shelf. The buckets hold cotton balls and q-tips.

master bath cotton balls and qtips

The “Life’s a Beach” sign makes me smile every time I look at it. I used a 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby ages ago and paid about $5 for it.

lifes a beach sign

I’m so happy with how it all turned out!! It was a lot of work and a lot of details, but it was so. much. fun to pull it all together! I wish the rest of the house was as clean as the master bathroom!

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