October 2, 2013

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fall pillow vignette

I didn’t put up an additional post yesterday announcing my participation in Nester’s 31 Days, because I decided not to participate. Really, the only thing I could come up with to write about for 31 straight days was de-cluttering which I desperately need to do. But I’m not ready to blog about it. I have no plan of action and I envisioned lots of posts showing you piles of clutter. Now there are other bloggers who DO have a plan of action to tackle their messes and I may follow along with them and post some of that here. The link above takes you to a list of all the people participating in the challenge. It isn’t just about de-cluttering. The 31 Days can be about ANYTHING.

What I did do yesterday was make some fall pillows.  I have never in my life enjoyed sewing but I have to say that I love making envelope pillows. They are quick, easy, and the reward is great! I’m not sure about the trend for using drop cloth material, though. I found it a bit frustrating because of the plastic backing. I really had to pull my material along to keep it from getting stuck in one place.

Here’s what I started with — drop cloth material left over from the sailboat craft:


I wanted a 16 inch pillow so I cut two pieces of fabric: one piece that was 17″ x 17″ and one piece that was 17″ x 22″. I cut the bigger piece in half and hemmed one side of each.

Next, I looked around for a quote to stencil on the front. Basically, I typed “fall quotes” into Swagbucks and found one I liked by Percy Shelley:

[T]here is a harmony
In Autumn, and a luster in its sky…

Obviously, I didn’t want to stencil that much on the pillow (I don’t have a cricut so I cut stencils out by hand with an X-Acto knife.) So I shortened it to say, “Harmony in Autumn.” My family seemed to think it was a little weird, but I like it!

fall pillow with stencil

fall pillow

I liked the pillow with a burlap pumpkin on my rustic bench:

fall pillow with pumpkin

But it needed some color, so I also whipped up an orange pillow with a white owl stencil.

owl pillow stencil

owl pillow

When I planned it in my head I didn’t know I’d have that cute stuffed owl (dollar spot at Target) so stenciling an owl on the orange pillow was probably unnecessary. But I’m going with it.

fall pillow vignette