December 11, 2013

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bed from text

I am so excited to show you pictures of THE bed! First, let me give you some back story.

One summer while I was in college, the university I attended offered me a job. I was thrilled because I’d be working in the development department (fundraising) instead of the insurance data entry job I’d had the summer before. The only problem was that I attended a school 600 miles away from home and the job didn’t pay enough to cover housing. The university helped me line up a string of house sitting jobs to cover the summer.

The first house (I wish I could find a picture of it, because I did take one from the outside.) was pretty much my dream home. It was a little farmhouse out in the country with lots of acreage. The husband and wife had a dog and a cat, and they were renovating the house. They had great taste in decorating which was so much fun to be around. I’d never even noticed decor before that house. My favorite part, however, was the bed. It was very high. So high it was hard for me to get into it!

Fast forward to about 18 months ago. I was browsing around on Craigslist (dangerous thing to do!), and I saw a bed that was very similar to the bed in my dream house. It was so high it came with a two step step stool to get into it. And the posters. Oh the posters were gorgeous. The price was $100 for the bed, two nightstands, the step stool and a desk. I decided to respond immediately and ask dh about it later.  Unbelievably, I was the first to respond!! Dh did raise an eyebrow because the bed was a queen size, and we currently had a full. I told him it was my dream bed and I was fine with it living in the cellar until we could afford new mattresses.

He went to pick it up and the guy actually only charged him $80 because he had some trouble taking the bed apart and had caused a little minor damage. He brought it home and although I loved it immediately, we put it straight into the cellar. Not only was it a queen size but it was so high it wouldn’t really work in our bedroom in the rental we had. The posters would have been in the way of the ceiling fan and would have been only inches from the ceiling which would have overwhelmed the room.

I was so excited to get transferred to Florida because my poor bed could finally come out of the cellar. We didn’t even take our old bed but bought new mattresses when we got here. The day before we got the mattresses, I tried to put the bed together. I got a little nervous when I noticed parts of it were nailed together. One of the guys from our new church is very good at things like this so I gave him a call and asked if he would mind taking a look. He came and worked on it a while and said that it would need a bit more work because it was in pretty bad shape. In fact, he wasn’t sure it was salvageable. He came back with a big time clamp and glued parts of it and then finally took it to his own house to work on it.

About a week later, his wife texted me this picture:

bed from text

He was able to repair it!! Happy day!! And it fits just fine in this big ole Florida house. I am thrilled with it. Here’s how it looks like set up in the master bedroom.

And here’s the step stool we have to use to climb into it:

The white duvet cover came from Bed, Bath and Beyond. The turquoise pillows and bedskirt were given to me by the wife of the gentleman that repaired the bed. The throw pillows are the same that were on the bed in New York.

poster bed side view

poster bed pillow view

Look at these amazing legs!

poster bed leg view

I’m also thrilled to report that I’m learning a little more about using my camera on manual. These photos were taken on manual because the light coming in from the window was way too bright on auto. Here’s the difference:

Auto –

Manual –

poster bed no tweaking

Thank you so much to Tom for his hard work in putting the bed back together! Now to unpack some Christmas boxes!!