Distressed bar stool and a crocheted throw pillow

Enter one short bar stool that was gifted to us by a friend dh and the boys helped move…


It was fine as is. But I really needed to paint something. Plus, the little 2 drawer cube I had sitting beside my orange chair in my bedroom wasn’t working.

Orange rocker white cube

It was a little low for a side table and I thought it would work better for storage in the closet anyway.

Since I decided to use the bar stool as a side table in my bedroom, turquoise was the obvious choice for paint color. The only problem is that I’m getting a little weary with the turquoise and I’m leaning more towards softer colors. I’ve been trying to pin down my style for a long time, and I really think I lean towards a farmhouse or cottage style. I may do a separate post on that when I learn a little more about the different styles.

Now, I’m not ready to completely chuck the turquoise — just tone it down a bit. So I took a little sample pot of turquoise paint I had on hand (the same one I used to paint the sailboat art’s sail here) and added some white paint. I was surprised how much the white paint diluted the turquoise. I had to add quite a bit more turquoise back in and finally wound up with a color close to a robin’s egg blue.

I left it just like this for about a week because I wasn’t sure I wanted to distress it. No one in the house wanted me to distress it, but that wasn’t a good measure because I’m the only one that likes that look anyway.  Finally, I decided it was too boring. I had read about using steel wool instead of sandpaper to distress and decided to give that a try.

Steel wool

The steel wool left a hint of charcoal color on the paint which fit in with the distressed look quite nicely, but it was taking WAY too long to get down to the wood.

I switched to 100 grit sandpaper and finished in no time.

Distressed stool top

I put one coat of antique glaze on the whole thing and called it done. I opted not to use poly because I didn’t want the finish to be too shiny. I’m still considering how to protect it but for now it’s enjoying it’s new home.

Orange rocker white cube

Orange rocker bar stool closer

Bar stool distressing close up1

You may have noticed that the throw pillow changed from the first picture of the orange rocker to the second one. About four days before Valentine’s Day I decided to make another pillow to go with my Valentine pillow collage. I felt like a little white pillow would go perfectly and when I saw this pattern on Pinterest, I jumped on it. I crocheted like crazy to finish it in time, but alas, I was a day late. I wasn’t about to let all that hard work go to waste so I decided to use the pillow in the bedroom — at least until next Valentine’s Day.

Crocodile pillow

The front is covered with crocodile stitches and the back is just double crochet.

Crocodile pillow back

It was a pretty easy and quick project although the crocodile stitches got a little annoying after a while.

Bedroom sitting area before:

Orange rocker white cube

Bedroom sitting area after:

Orange rocker bar stool

Now if I can just scrape up enough gumption to re-upholster that rocker!!

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